I have much better instincts and ideas about how to approach woodwork than I do how to design and begin a blog. However, I’ve genuinely enjoyed and benefitted from the rich online community of fellow makers sharing their experience, so I will begin my own blog and join the conversation in a new way.

My primary interest is in designing and making furniture in wood.  While I’m drawn to traditional methods and find them the most enjoyable methods of work, I also use modern tools and equipment. For many years I’ve dabbled in woodwork, making simple, useful furniture and objects for my personal use. But I dreamed of doing more, learning to make what I considered “real” furniture, something I’d be proud to put in my home, that would stand the test of time, dare I say “fine” furniture. In the past 2 years, my progress has been slow but steady. With each completed piece, I’ve gained skills and confidence. I’ll add to this post the pieces I’ve made in the past 2 years in chronological order.  The progress I’ve made and the complete joy I receive from making simply makes me want to spend as much time as possible continuing to develop my design and woodworking abilities.

I learn almost as much from reading as from doing, so beginning this blog and continuing to read many of your blogs is just another way to keep making progress.

A finishing project. I learned so much about finish and flat from this burl. I’m very satisfied with the result and love this coffee table every day in our house.

Returning to woodwork

Returning to woodwork

The burl project motivated me to begin woodworking again. I found Paul Sellers online and began playing with boxes, dovetails, dados, rebates, clocks….and collecting tools of the trade.

Pencil Box

Pencil Box

Paul Sellers, Boxes and Tools

Paul Sellers, Boxes and Tools

More boxes - and more tools.

More boxes – and more tools.

After a couple boxes I moved on to my interpretation of Mr. Seller’s clock and made a weather station.  And so my adventure into woodwork began anew. Like so many of you, I have neither enough time or space to do all that I want to do, yet every bit of time I spend woodworking is deeply satisfying and encourages next steps.

Weather Station on Burl Table

Weather Station on Burl Table


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